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S.NO. Particular/Details Description
1 Name/Address of Website
2 Name of the Establishment Clues Network Private limited
3 Address of the Establishment (Registered Office) Clues Network Pvt. Ltd. Building No. 112, Sector – 44, Gurgaon, 122 001, Haryana, India
4 Address of Establishment (Fulfillment Centre) 1. 648, Bijwasan, New Delhi 2. F/F-3 Industrial Area Phase I, Okhla
5 Nature of work for which Contract Workmen employed Packing Workmen ( August-2016 )
6 Name of the Proprietor / Partner / Director / Managing Director Mr. Sanjay Sethi
7 Date of starting of Business 5th March, 2011
8 Date of Initial Agreement with the Principal Employer 18th April, 2013
9 Website Address of Organization
10 Registration No. / Contractor Labour License No. and valid upto CLA/PE/04/SW/2014 (Bijwasan)
CLA/PE/11/DLC(S)/2014/503 (Okhla)
11 Registration under the Registration Act, 1908 NA
12 Registration under Partnership Act, 1932 NA
13 Registration under the Companies Act, 1956 U52590HR2011PTC055841
14 Registration No. under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954 1. 2013001083 (Bijwasan) 2. 2013021357 (Okhla)
15 Registration under the Factories Act (for PE) NA
16 Registration No. of Employees ESI Act, 1948 69000514200001000 ESI Challan (August-16) ESI Clues Bijwasa (August-16) ESI Okhla (August-16)
17 Registration No. EPF and Misc. Provisions Act 1952 EPF Challan ( August-2016 )
18 Service Tax Registration No. AAECC3074BBSD003
19 Sales Tax Registration No. NA
20 PAN Card No. AAECC3074B
21 Contractor Details
Wage Details (August) Wage Details (September) Wage Details (October) Wage Details (November) Wage Details (December) Wage Details (January)
Wage Details (August-2016) Wage Details (September-2016) Wage Details Okhla (December-2016) Wage Details Okhla (February-2017) Wage Details Okhla-16 (March-2017) Wage Details Okhla-17 (March-2017) Wage Details Okhla-16 (March-2017) Wage Details Okhla-17 (March-2017)
22 Bank Advisory Bijwasan (August-16) Okhla (August-16) Bijwasan (March-17) Okhla (March-17) Okhla-Bijwasan (Dec-16) Okhla-Bijwasan (Feb-17)
23 ECR
Bjwasan (August-16) Okhla (August-16) Okhla (March-17) Okhla (October-16) Okhla (November-16) Okhla (December-16)
Okhla (January-17) Okhla (February-17) Okhla (March-17)
24 Muster Roll
Okhla (August-16) Okhla-Bijwasan (September-16) Okhla-Bijwasan (September-16) Okhla-Bijwasan (October-16)
Okhla (October-16) Okhla (November-16) Okhla (December-16) Okhla (January-17) Okhla (February-17) Okhla (March-17)
1st April to 21st Nov 2017
Bank Paid-UnPaid
Transactions Report-NOV
IMS Wages Sheet
Oct 2017
Okhla Packing Salary
Sheet Oct2017
Wages Sheet Month
Oct 2017
Wages Sheet Bijwasan
Bank Statement Bijwasan
Salary Sheet March
Wages Sheet March
Bank Statement
Salary Sheet March
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