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Water Purifiers

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Type of water Purifiers
  • Water Purifier-ShopClues
    Gravity Based Water Purifiers do not need electricity, instead they use Activated Carbon or Ultra Filters to purify water. It helps in eliminating impurities, some dissolved chemicals, harmful germs, suspended matter, silt & sand.
  • Water Purifier-ShopClues
    RO uses membrane technology to remove dissolved salts, impurities and germs from water. RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology is advisable in the areas where the quality of water is hard and high in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).
  • Water Purifier-ShopClues
    These filters use RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology along with Ultra Violet Light & Ultra filtration membrane with bigger pores. It helps in removing dissolved solids and bacteria & viruses, which cause water borne diseases.
  • Water Purifier-ShopClues
    These type of filters use UF membrane technology or UV light technology to clean the water and filter out impurities. It helps in removing dissolved solids and bacteria & viruses, which cause water borne diseases. UV alone can kill all the pathogens but will not be able to remove dissolved impurities.
    Purifiers Accessories
      TDS Meter Measurements
      TDS (Total Dissoved Solids) refers to the amount of foreign particles which are dissolved in water. If TDS is high, water would be harder. Below chart helps to identify the water purifier that you need to buy based on your TDS level.
      You can check accurate TDS reading using a TDS meter.

      Buy Water Purifiers Online at Shopclues

      An diverse range of Mineral RO water purifiers only on ShopClues

      Water pollution has become a rising menace in recent times. Even the sources of potable water are being polluted due to increasing industrialization. In times like this, it is crucial to choose the source of drinking water in your home. An easier way is to buy a water purifier which can purify the contaminants and give you clean potable water. You can find a variety of water purifiers like RO water purifier, electric water purifier, and UF water purifier online, only on ShopClues India. Water purifiers eliminate the health risks posed by polluted potable water. Water purifiers’ filter out most of the heavy metals and microorganisms which make the water unfit for human consumption, thus ensuring that you never fall prey to water-borne diseases.

      Buy the best UV Non Electric water purifiers from the best brands

      Choosing a water purifier can be a tricky task because the water that you consume has a direct effect on your health. It is always advisable to buy tried and tested water purifiers only from the most trusted brands in the industry. ShopClues India offers a wide array of water purifiers online from some of the pioneers in the water purification industry. You can find a variety of water purifiers from companies such as Pureit, Eureka, Aquaguard, Everpure, Kent home appliances, Livpure, LG, and VOX. These are the companies which have been manufacturing water purifiers for a long period and are considered to be the experts in water purification technologies. Why compromise on health when you can buy the best water purifiers from the best brands and avail fabulous offers and discounts on the same.

      Find the RO water purifier that best meets your requirements

      Type of Water Purifiers: • Electrical Water Purifiers • Non-Electrical Water Purifiers • Storage Trunks Water Purifiers Depending on the source of water that you use, you may need different kinds of water purifiers. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, an RO water purifier is your best bet. If the water supplied to your house has low levels of heavy metal content, or what is termed as soft water, then you can also opt for an electric water purifier or buy an UF water purifier online. If you are looking for an economical and affordable water purifier, then the Pureit autofill water purifier is the solution. It is a gravity-based water purification which filters out most of the impurities using multiple filters. On ShopClues India, you can find just the kind of water purifier that suits your requirements and that too at affordable prices.

      Discover more water purifiers on ShopClues
      ShopClues India offers a wide range of water purifiers online divided categorically so that you can easily find the perfect water purifier which meets all your requirements. If you plan on buying an economical water purifier for your household, check out the vast range of Non Electric Water Purifier on ShopClues India. Non electric water purifiers are mostly gravity-based water purifiers, which use multiple membranes and filters to purify the water. If you are looking for faster and more convenient solutions to purify water, check out our range of Electric Water Purifier on ShopClues India. Electric water purifiers provide the added benefit of RO, UV, and UF technologies, in addition to membranes and filters, to make sure that every drop of water you drink is perfectly pure.

      A wide range of brands from Other, Voltas, Brita, Dolphin, Zero B for your diverse needs. The affordable prices ranges starting from as low as Rs. 5000 - Rs. 9999, Rs. 10000 - Rs. 14999, Rs. 15000 and Above, Rs. 2000 - Rs. 4999, Rs. 1999 and Below gives multiple options. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 123 products. This Top 5 list has all the best products like Westchic Black Printed A Line Dress For Women, Aqua Ultra A300 Ro+Uv+Uf+Mineral+Tds Controller Water Purifier, Aquaultra A700 14Stage RO UV UF MI TDS Controller Water Purifier, Aquaultra A1020 14Stage RO UV UF MI TDS Controller Water Purifier, Voltas Water Dispenser Table Top and others at one place.

      List of Best Selling Water Purifiers price

      Latest Water Purifiers Price
      Kalki Ecosphere LLP. Solcure Alkaline Water Purifier (Silver) ₹14999
      Voltas Water Cooler Stainless Steel 40 Ltr. ₹34500
      EUREKA FORBES AQUAGUARD WATER PURIFIER NEO UV+UF 6.2 L UV + UF Water Purifier (Black) ₹11500


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